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Pitched Tuner Banner Pitched Tuner Icon

Pitched Tuner

A chromatic tuner for all instruments. Its simple controls allow you to easily tune your instrument using the microphone on your Android device.

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Sun Position Banner Sun Position Icon

Sun Position

Sun Position shows you the solar path on an augmented reality camera view for any day of the year at your current location. It also has a handy data screen that tells you sunrise, sunset, golden hour and twighlight times.

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Metronome Beats Banner Metronome Beats Icon

Metronome Beats

A versatile metronome which can be used for music practice as well as exercise, golf putting practice, dancing, and many other activities.Set the number of beats per barand how you'd like the beat subdivided. Choose from a choice of sounds or mute and use the visual cues.

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Scales Practice Banner Scales Practice Icon

Scales Practice

Master your music scales with this handy app. Choose a scale to display on screen and press start to hear how the scale sounds. Features a variety of scales and arpeggios, customisable and tempo and instrument sound.

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Accurate Compass Banner Accurate Compass Icon

Accurate Compass

Always have a compass in your pocket! Accurate Compass is simple to use and has a 3D view. Use to navigate unfamiliar places, find the bearing of objects in the distance, or simply to check which way your garden faces!

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Quick Measure Banner Quick Measure Icon

Quick Measure

Measure distances up to 100m using your camera! Use to check out the length of rooms in your home, design a new garden layout, or simply measure how far you can kick a ball!

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Survey Compass Banner Survey Compass Icon

Survey Compass

Use Survey Compass as a simple compass in your pocket or use the augmented reality view to determine the bearing and elevation of objects in the distance. Great for map readers as it allows you to view the compass directly on top of a map through the phone's camera.

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